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Jimmy the Saint

Jimmy was first tattooed at the tender age of 8. By 17 he initiated his tattoo apprenticeship under a master tattooist. He hasn't looked back since. With over 20 years of tattooing behind him, Jimmy has moved into a realm of pure confidence in his craft and the ability to interpret his clients requests and vision. He considers himself a "motif archeologist" and is constantly mining imagery and its associated lore for the next inspiration, the next great tattoo.

No job too small, no dream too fantastical, Jimmy respects "The Tattoo" regardless and will execute it.

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Chula started tattooing himself at 16 years of age using thread and needle, no formal apprenticeship. A trained painter, canvas was his main surface for years to come. Chula focused on the gallery scene showing on the walls of the Friesen Gallery, Debra Owen Gallery and Roq La Rue Gallery and worked closely with Seattle's own C.O.C.A. To bring the idea of "fine art" to the world of tattoo has long been his goal. A freehand and painterly approach mixed with the classic black and grey styles of his upbringing in Southern California is what distinguishes him from others. Custom designs and the ability to give the client a unique visual narrative based on their ideas and story is what Chula specializes in. For Chula, tattooing is the ultimate art experience, both in giving and receiving. As he often says, "it takes two to get a good tattoo".

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Charles Russ

Charles learned to tattoo under a formal apprenticeship for three years with Chula and Jimmy at Tiger Tiger Tattoo. He has also studied art separately, at college and on the street where he refined his ideas of drawing, painting and composition. But above all others, Charles developed a love and understanding for all different styles of tattooing. His biggest influences come from the old traditional masters, comic book art, and retro skateboard art. If he's not tattooing, he's definitely out creating something interesting.

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